Friday, June 4, 2010


Fathers day in Canada is this month, we always miss it because its different to Australia. Not this Year! Just made this for my Husband to send to his dad. They live on a Golf course so I thought this stamp would be good. In his eighty's he still plays regularly. Just a thought if he checks out my blog he might see it before it arrives.........oh well!
The card below.....I made for my husband, Paul.
He was telling me that every weekend all he does is fix things around our home. So this card was made as a bit of a joke. The text I created in Microsoft Word, printed it out, then used a circle punch to cut it. The miniture pliers  ( I think thats what they are) just finished it off. The stamp is "Fix-a-Fella" from stamping Bella.

Have a great day



  1. These are just great blokey cards, I love the golf ball just waiting to be hit.

  2. Tracey-wonderful cards. Did your husband like his?

  3. Both cards are "spot-on". Perfect for the men in your life.

  4. Cool Cards Mum!!!
    Great ones for men!!



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