Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tea anyone!

Today I have a Tea Pot to show you , which I call a work in progress! I started it a few weeks ago, everyday I keep adding things as I think of them, I'm not sure if I've finished yet but here are some photo's.
The Tea Pot is a Kaiser craft wood product.

I covered it with paper from the DWCV Garden Party stack.

Here's a close up of the flowers..........There is about eight Kaiser flowers layered , scrunched up and held together with a brad.

On each page I decided to have a photo that had something to do with Tea. I think you call this a Tea strainer (not sure) anyway its Heart shape and fits the theme.

Notice the little Heart in the top of the cup......Had to put this photo in!

All my pictures I found on google images. Heart shape Tea cups , how cool is that! I love my vintage button with pearlsl

The heart in the middle of the flower is an earing I use to wear........It looks so much better with the flower, and another Heart shape Tea cup.

Tea cups arranged in a Heart shape! Has anyone noticed I have a thing for Hearts?

The verse on the back page is really nice, I've added it below so you can read it.

When your day seems topsy turvey

and as stormy as can be, there’s nothing

quite as tranquil As a nice hot cup of tea.

While you savor this ambrosia, your problems

fade away. Its warmth will bring you comfort

And brighten up your day, So take a private

moment, There’s a calmness as you'll see,

All because you briefly stopped

to sip a cup of tea.

My daughter Jordyn was throwing out a lot of junk jewelery, I went through it before it reached the garbage bin.........this heart was from a bracelet, it now look pretty hanging from some ribbon.


I hope you like my tea pot, who knows whether I'll do more decorating?

Bye for now



  1. It's gorgeous Tracey. Love the vintage button and all of the lace, we now know you love tea and hearts.
    Thanks for the comments on my post. Will it really get any easier?

  2. Hi Tracey, It is perfect just how it is. The most beautiful tea pot I've ever seen.

  3. No you could always add a bit more bling although it does look great just how it is. Mine would have been up today but I didnt get it finished so you have beet me to it....

  4. Tracey, I love the old fashioned feel of it! It is absolutely gorgeous! The lace is such a nice touch!

  5. So nice tea pot!
    Nice blog also...


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