Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm back from my trip to America.............I had just the best time, so much fun! I was in LA for a week and South Carolina for a week. I loved South Carolina, everyone I met was so friendly and helpful..........I want to go back!
So I've been home a week now, trying to get back into the routine of posting on this blog, it will happen sometime soon. Anyway until then go over to Scrappy-Go-Lucky and check out a few scrap pages I've done of my trip. Lots of shopping proved to be a challenge when it came to packing my suit cases.

How cool is this hat!

I took over a thousand photos.........................that should keep me busy scrapping for some time!



  1. Welcome back, I hope you had a good trip!!!
    Cool hat and love the suit cases. I also checked out Sracppy-Go-Lucky it looks great!!!


  2. Welcome home Tracey, hope you had a blast.


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