Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Tree

Lots and Lots of different colour baubles and lots of lights's our tree!
We bought this tree 2 years ago, I wanted one that touched the roof............Its not far off it! So when we first bought it home we thought WOW its huge. Then the next year everyone thought it had shrunk and thought we should of gone bigger.
The first question Tori asked yesterday was "do you think the tree has shrunk this year?"
Its just that we had got use to the size! So, I can tell you after the time it took decorating it , its still pretty big!

First I started with the lights......650 of them . I plugged them in to see if I'd covered the tree evenly , to find none of them worked . I was not happy, they worked before I started, what is going on?....... It ended up being the transformer, why couldn't it stop working before I started? Well , I walked outside to our barbeque area and pinched 2 transformers from there. It will be in darkness but our tree looks good! LOL

This is it today

And Tonight

And look, this is me.......a bit distorted.

How is your decorating going?

 I'm off to do the rest of the house..................

Tracey xo


  1. Your tree looks great, Tracey.
    We have our up too just need to get some battery powered lights so we don't have cords all over the place. We got a battery powered star for the top, looks really good.
    Love your new Christmas header.

  2. Wow looks really good with all the lights on and at night. We will be putting ours up over the weekend and hopefully the outside ones to.

  3. Thank you so much for posting photos of the decorated tree!! It sure does need a lot of lights - but it's so worth it (and I'm glad you got them to work after all that effort!). Our tree is up but we still need to decorate the house a bit more. I have a collection of nativity scenes that I like to place around the house.

  4. beautiful tree!

    I am way behind decorating this year. :(


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