Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Woo hoo.......Look what I found today! I never planned to go second hand shopping but when a store is close by I just have to call in. You just never know............and today I think it was meant to be!

I've have always loved these magazines but thought they were a bit expensive.............which one will I choose? At $1.50 each it wasn't a hard decision........I bought all of them!
I also got a cloth doll pattern, material , lace etc everything to make the dolls for only $4.00. I think I had a great day.........

Well I'm off to do some reading.........



  1. Gosh i cant believe those card magazines were only 1.50 each, i would have bought the whole lot as well.I think i actually have that same pattern and kit from Mums Moments sitting in my cupboard, happy reading.

  2. great find. I usually go to this garage sale every summer and it has nothing but scrapbook stuff and I usually get a whole box which has 50 magazines in it for 5.oo now you will be hooked. ha

  3. What a haul Tracey, should keep you busy for a while - enjoy!.... Hugs xx

  4. OOH you lucky duck Tracey what a find!!! I didn't find anything exciting at the flea market on the weekend.. maybe next time! :)

  5. Super find Tracey!! Never know what you can find at those thrift stores.



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