Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today I'm back to show you some photo's of the canvas I through together very quickly.......record time for me!
Late Saturday afternoon Derek arrived with this huge box of photo's, wondering if I had a spare "HOUR"! He wanted me to do something with them as a display for his wife's surprise birthday party the next day, which we were going to as well.
Look at all these photo's...........different sizes and so many different colours! Notice the bottle of wine......that's to bribe me!
 Here are some photo's before editing.
 I raced to the shops and bought a canvas. I changed all the photos to black and white and adjusted the size as well, which made it a lot easier to line up. I left a white border around the photo's then mat them with black.

 And here is my completed canvas a few hours later.  This photo was taken at night, I found it really hard to get a good picture with out shadows. I used Kaiser Fifth Avenue paper to decorate, I kept it all very simple, there was not time to  do anything else.

The photo below is a close up of stamping I did on the canvas. I used a clear stamp without the acrylic block and wrapped it around the edges of the canvas. It really softened the look of the bright white canvas.

 I wasn't sure if I could throw something together in such a short amount of time..............Looks like I can work under pressure.......... I've already got an order for another one, but that's not until September.

Thank you for stopping by , have a great week everyone!
Be back Soon



  1. You did a fantastic job in a short amount of time. Love what you did with the stamping!

  2. Hi Tracey, you did an amazing job, very nicely done. You do work well under pressure. Super cool! ~Shen

  3. Tracey, this canvas is brilliant, and to have made it in such a short space of time. I bet she loved it, and shed a few tears. What a treasure for her to keep. I'm not surprised you've already got an order for another one - well done! Neat idea with the acrylic stamps - how clever!

  4. Tracey, you did a great job in such a short amount of time, well done. I am sure your friend appreciates it, it is a beautiful memento, something that she can have on her wall forever. Good one that you have until September to do the other one, make sure that they don't leave it to the last minute.

  5. Wow Tracey, another stunning creation! The black and white looks so sophisticated, and the stamping gives the canvas a wonderful texture. I love how you changed the pictures to black and white... what a beautiful gift! It will be treasured and cherished forever! x

  6. Well if thats what you do when your put on the spot its pretty good, love what you have done. I bet the next one is for Jordyn.

  7. Tracey you shine under pressure!!! What a fantastic job you did. I think you deserve a whole cart of champagne for this!

  8. wow Tracey this is fabulous .. gee wizz you sure were pushed for time .. but sometimes that can result in a masterpiece ... I love it especially the idea of putting it all on a canvas.. you have given me an idea . woohoo !!!! thanks gorgeous .. hugz x

  9. you did a beautiful job on this. I bet you made his day and his wifes. hugs

  10. I can't believe that this is something that you just whipped together! Wow!! It looks fabulous and I love the way you stamped the canvas a bit to tone down the white. Amazing!


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