Friday, September 9, 2011

21 Today.........

I'm back today really quickly  to show you the card I made for Jordyn's Birthday. If you don't already know, I have been super busy making things for her party tomorrow night........the theme is "Black and Bling" and her favourite colour is Coral. So that's how I came up with the colours of my card.

Jordyn is also known as "DQ" (drama queen) so thats why the queen is on the card. The key is very blingy and number 21 is circled with Perfect Pearls. 

Here is the Giant cup cake wrapper and the normal size one next to it.
 The Toppers
 If you would like more details on the wrappers and Toppers please visit "Scrappy-Go-Lucky"
And for my last photo is a sneak peak of my project that will be posted on Saturday at
As you can see , all my projects are colour co-ordinate   around the theme of the party and her favourite colour.
I did say this was going to be quick.......Oh well..........I'm going now to make the cupcakes for those wrappers.
Hope everyone is having a great week........ thank you for  visiting.


  1. Happy 21st Birthday to Jordyn! I hope she enjoys her party!! Everything you have made is just amazing. I love it all! Especially that chandelier you posted the other day :)

  2. Have a wonderful party tomorrow, love how you made all the decorations for the party. Happy 21st enjoy your day :)

  3. Love the card and the Queen just suits Jordyn, Ha Ha sorry Jordyn. See you tommorrow night.

  4. Happy birthday Jordyn, enjoy your party tomorrow.

  5. she is going to love this. you did such a beautiful job. she is one lucky birthday girl.

  6. I hope Jordyn has a very happy birthday filled with love and happiness! The card is so gorgeous! Wow, I love everything about it! The coral with the black and white is just stunning! And the decorations are just fabulous!! :D


  7. these are amazing Tracey.. you have made it all with love and i am sure your daughter will be blown away by all you have done.. i hope you have a great time of celebration too!!

  8. Absolutely stunning. Happy Birthday Jordyn and I am sure you will have a fantastic evening to remember. I look farward to seeing what your Mum does with the photos!

  9. trace, my best wishes to jordyn again, and the card is as fabulous as all the other beautiful items you have made for her day.
    i just saw the flower purse at mandy's and i tell you it is so PRETTY. that flower has so many uses.
    please, say hello to alyssa and tereesa for me, when you see them, thanks. :)

  10. Tracey,
    Hope she is having a great party...Everything looks great. Love the card.........I have some ideas of cards make with cards............Have fun and now rest some. I posted another card...
    Great Job Mom.............

  11. What daughter wouldn't be in awe of all that you've created to help celebrate her birthday! All these projects are stunning! Well done!


  12. What a wonderful Mum you are! Happy Birthday to Jordyn...hope she had a wonderful party! Can't wait to hear all the details :)

  13. Happy birthday to Jordyn! I do hope the party was a huge success! I know the decorations were! They're amazing, Tracey!
    What a fabulous card, too! It's fantastic the way you decorated around the number 21! I really like that!


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