Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Light Bulb moment ?

And a Happy Valentines Day.

Look what I made today for my husband!

A screw driver, pliers, hot glue gun and a little patience is all you need to make this. I found the original idea Here..........I thought it was so cool, I couldn't wait to try it!
I have made mine with little heart buttons.......I did have bigger ones but they would not fit through the hole of the light bulb. For some recycling I quickly spray painted an old cube from a calendar for the base, hammered some small holes in the wood for the wire stem of the hearts to slot into. Slip the bulb over the top and hot glue in place.

He loved it!

What do you think?

Thank you 4 Visiting.....enjoy your day



  1. You have hard at work, your light up my life is so gorgeous, love it :)

  2. OMG this is amazing, what a cute idea, love it.

  3. Well I think it's fabulous, I have never seen anything like it.

  4. Tracey,
    Girl this is so cute.....I love the comments on my blog and "Thanks so much". I had so much fun. Go to MS site on the internet. Go to crafts and you and see all the crafts her team makes. She has printable clipart. She does not call them digi. I got some of here glitter pens hard to fine and I love them...........That is what I used on the butterfly card. I am sure you hubby loved this.........Keep on crafting and hope to catch u on FB soon.

  5. oh wow.. that is amazing!! how wonderfully creative!! i love it!! bet hubby did too!!

  6. I like your version better than the original!


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