Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Talented.....

Hi everyone........I want to introduce you to Kirsty, she is  the daughter of a good friend of mine and is an amazing self taught  artist. She has just started her own blog........I'd love for you to head over there and check out her fabulous portraits of Katie Perry , Johnny Depp and Sherlock Holmes.

Look at this.........

She draws with lead pencil..............Drawings by Kirsty 
Please visit her , she would love if you left a 
 a comment.....thankyou.

And, I thought I'd show you the baking I did yesterday for the school canteen.
Once a term the school has a RED day.........usually around a celebration. 
So with Easter only a few weeks away , here are my "Bunny Cup Cakes"

We had lots of different treats that the mums baked,  easter decorations and everyone wore Bunny Ears.
Tori and Matt helped me with the decorating............thankyou.

I'll be back soon with some exciting news

Enjoy your week

Happy Crafting



  1. That drawing is amazing! Love those cup cakes too, bet the canteen sold out in an instant! X

  2. Wow, I thought the drawing was a picture!! Amazing!! She is very talented!! Your cupcakes look so delicious and yummy, Tracey!! Those bunny faces are so creative and adorable :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Nothing cuter than a buck-toothed bunny :) They are so cute Tracey, and I bet they were very popular!

  4. really cute but makes me hungry. ha

  5. Going to look at the drawings now. How cute are those cup cakes

  6. Wow, she has some super talent! Going to visit now. Cupcakes are super cute!--Pat N.

  7. The cupcakes look delish! Thanks for introducing us to Kirstyn - that girl is amazing! And I love the Johnny's Angels site that she has listed on her blog too!


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