Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pink Ribbon........

I'm back to show you this pretty Pink Ribbon Box that I made last week . The kids school canteen is having a rafflle to raise money for Breast cancer. I added this box to a huge hamper of donated products . I fill it with lots of Pink wrapped caramels.

I have to tell you.......I was really pushed for time creating this project, I was rushing .........everything that could go wrong did! So all the decorating came about to cover up mistakes that I had made! 
A few of the mistakes were.......I embossed the bottom of the box and had planned on doing around the edges of the late it was stuck together. So that's how the pretty crepe paper frill came about! Next mistake.....I turned the lid over to press the decorative paper down, omg.... right on top of some hot pink ink. Out came a Big flower to cover that mess up ..... that's where my flower spray started. There was a couple more things too. Funny thing is sometimes I think these mistakes are meant to be.........I love how it turned out - a little different from what I originally imagined, better I think!!!
Has that ever happened to you?

You can purchase the template for this box at  "My Time Made Easy"

Its my husbands Birthday tomorrow..........I must get his card made! I don't think he would be too expressed if I purchased one, since I have so much paper hanging around!

Happy Crafting



  1. Beautiful Tracey, and a great cause!!

  2. so gorgeous, so pretty ......hope you hubands love the card you will create for him....hopefully you can show and tell :) have a great weekend :)

  3. This is really lovely Tracey, I would not know what you went through, there are no mistakes here.. and YES I totally know what it is like to have something go totally wrong, the last layout only just made it to completion after having all the top papers and photo ripped off!! The end result is totally different to what I have planned!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  4. This is absolutely stunning Tracey - the mistakes were obviously meant to happen as this has turned out amazing. Beautiful. TFS

  5. You can't tell there were mistakes at all, this is fabulous!! Wow, what a gorgeous box!! You did an amazing job!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. You make such beautiful mistakes! :) this is GORGEOUS!

  7. LOL! I just did almost the same thing on a card I was making a couple of days ago! Oh well, your box turned out beautiful and is going for a good cause. I was always told,"There are no mistakes, just opprotunities to Embellish!" Great job Tracey!

  8. So beautiful - love the feminine touches!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  9. absolutely amazing. what a wonderful project


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