Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halloween Party

Hey Everyone,
Sometimes, everyday life just takes over and there is no time to create. No time to visit you either.....I'm trying to play catch up!

Over the next few day I have a few projects to share.
Lori from "Choux Choux Paper" has asked me to join her and in a Halloween  Party. Halloween projects are so much Fun!!

Be sure to visit me tomorrow to see my first Halloween creation.

Have a fabulous weekend

Tracey x


  1. I am sorry to hear everyday life is getting in the way of your creating time. But, I sure get it! I'll be back to check on your Halloween party!

  2. Oh! I Saw Mitra P was up with this too :) Sounds interesting!!! Hope life slows down a little for you from now on. HUH! Good luck with that, eh??!!!

  3. Cant wait to see what you have created I am sure I will love it.

  4. This is very cute thanks for sharing!

  5. This is very cute thanks for sharing!

  6. Aw, good thoughts your way. I look forward to see you on the next day.


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