Sunday, September 5, 2010


Thought I'd show you a card I made yesterday to give to my husband for " fathers day" which is today.
My time was limited, so I threw it together very quickly making a few mistakes!! Any way here it is mistakes and all!!! Isn't this just the best Burger.........I love the images on this cartridge "Block Party".

So here is where I went wrong!!???........Writing in the wrong direction............ And running out of time I couldn't find a stamp for the inside so I went with "Its all about ME" crossed it out and put YOU!!
I'm sure he'll get a laugh!

Thanks 4 stopping bye...........


  1. Oh I am sure Paul would have got a laugh about the verse inside the card. Love the burger it looks good enough to eat.

  2. Before I read your comments, I just thought you wanted your husband to enjoy you on Father's Day!! ;) I thought it was perfect and with a suggestion like that, he wouldn't have even noticed the writing in the wrong direction!
    I've put card fronts on upside-down before. It happens!
    Great card, and I'm sure your husband loved it. I hope he had a wonderful day of relaxation.

  3. Oops that happens to me quit often, then i rip of the front of the card and attsch it to another one.


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