Friday, November 12, 2010

My Wall art........

Here's a project I created a few weeks ago for
Mandy at "Scrappy-Go-Lucky" . She sent me the the new cuttlebug embossing folders "Retro Kitchen" ..........this is what I came up with. Quite a few different cartridges were used and the Cri-Kit gel pens. For all the details head over to SGL.

Can you see all the spoons, mixers, toasters etc. on the embossing below.........I love it!
How pretty are these flowers too!

And here's the final picture in the frame, which hangs on my kitchen wall. The flowers just fit behind the glass, with a little bit of squashing........

I had so much fun making this.........don't forget to get all the details from SGL!


  1. That is beautiful! I was thinking of making something like this for the longest time, but never got around to it. I really love this - you put in amazing details and lots of love into this project. I can tell :)

  2. You should send this into Cricut Chirp! If you're picked, you get a cartridge!

  3. i told you i loved and now i know where you got the embossing folders, ;) tfs

  4. This looks even better when you see it in person just love all the work you have done on it.

  5. I saw this at Mandy's site. This is absolutely incredible, Tracey. I was awestruck then and continue to be!! Everything about this is fantastic!! WOW!!

  6. Tracey, this is amazing, well done. It looks like so much thought and effort went into creating this, you have a lot of talent. So much detail and texture, Awesome :)

  7. Very cute!!!!

    PS - I passed on a blog award to you. :)


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