Friday, March 27, 2015


 I am so 'Egg-cited' to share an Easter project I've been messing around with this morning. It started by a visit to the supermarket to buy some eggs.......I wanted white ones. Well do you think I could find any. NO! So I opened up a few packs and did a swap around and picked the lightest colours to make up my dozen. I first blew the insides out.......then sprayed them with Pink colour shine, some glue, then rubbed gold glitter all over. 
They look so pretty!

Check out this adorable plate stand I found at the shops last week :)
So so cute......I just had to have it!

There is house work to be done...time to stop playing,
So nice of you to visit, enjoy your weekend!



  1. Your eggs look teriffic!! Just gorgeous, you went to a lot of work for these beatiful eggs.

  2. Oh wow the eggs look impressive! really pretty.. but tell me, you did use the egg yolks for cooking didn't you??? and love the plate too.. very cute! and enjoy your weekend.. and dont do too much house work.. take time to play too!!!!

  3. Oh my, Tracey, they are stunning!! I love how beautiful they are!! You've made me want to run to the store for a dozen eggs!! Love this!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Great work Tracey! Eggs look amazing and that tray looks so adorable! Great find :)

  5. this is so adorable! love the pink and gold together!!!!

  6. Your eggs are gorgeous Tracey. I can just see them in your home on that beautiful plate. Hugs dear friend xx

  7. Your eggs are stunning:D

    Your cards below are fabulous too.

    Have a nice day.


  8. Wonderful! Love the stand too! TFS

  9. Beautiful eggs - so gorgeous with the pink and gold combination!

  10. Beautiful Easter decoration


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