Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DAM!....we will miss You

Hey Everyone,
I hate airport Goodbyes :(  Right now my son is on a 14 hour flight to Canada for a working Holiday in the ski fields. Not sure how long he will be gone for? I think, the thought of this is a little easier to cope with knowing we have relatives in Canada. ( Thats what I'm telling myself anyway) A cousin is only 3 hours drive away and his grandparents , Auntie and Uncles are a 5 hour flight.....a lot closer than us!! I now how my parents felt when I did the same thing!               Anyway.....
I made him a fun "Bonvoyage" card.

To start....... I ripped a page of America and Canada from an Atlas for the background, then I decorated it with images from " Go Canada" cricut cartridge. The plane is from 'Paper pups', a little stamping and stitching to finish it off!
Enjoy your week
Happy Creating
Tracey x


  1. Aww...too cute! He will have a blast in Canada with us Canadians!!!

  2. Oh I totally understand how you are feeling! My then 19 year old daughter and her friend decided they would fly over to the uk live and work for 6 months or so... They flew over without a job and thankfully there was some friends of my parents in law living in London where they were able to stay for a while until the job came through. So our mothers heart needs to be strong and time does go quickly and hopefully before you know it he will be home... Thank goodness for Skype!

  3. Oh and great card! Love the Canadian bear!

  4. This totally makes me smile, Tracey!! The map background is such a fun touch!! The details you added are awesome...the beaver is so cute!! The sentiment made me laugh out loud!! I hope your son has a safe trip and a wonderful time!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. What a fun card you created for Jay. He will have a wonderful adventure. We are really not that far from him, in the big picture. Neither is my Cait, who lives in Seattle. We are only a phone call away!

  6. Such a CUTE how you added the Canadian ephemera. Yes, it's not much fun them being far away, But I thank God we live in a world where we have Viber, FB, Messenger & all that guff. Imagine in the 1930s - you left & probably NEVER saw your family again. Letters took WEEKS to arrive & there was no phones AT ALL!!! So, yeah. It's boy has been in the USA for 4 years now & more to go and I really, really wish he'd come home!!! Oh well.... he's enjoying it which is the main thing..... I'm sure your boy will be home before you can blink. Nice to have family sorta around, too:):)

  7. Oh how CUTE Tracey! Your card is adorable and your son will love it! I totally understand the time away... My son is also far away and doesn't have any family where he is at... I miss him & worry about it him every time he leaves on another tour duty... He will be home in a couple of weeks, so I look forward to that little bit of time I get before he leaves again! Big HUGS! Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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  8. Such a fabulous fun card. I'm sure he will have an awesome time here in Canada :-)


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