Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 31st

I'm back with a card for the "Jitterbuggin Challenge"
Some days you feel like working with certain colors more than others!..........My card needed to have  a pumpkin on it but I wasn't having an Orange day.............We had to :

Follow the sketch
Put a pumpkin somewhere
Cricut cut

I was kind of having a neutral day with a touch of pink ...........I did cut the pumpkin pink too, but it didn't look right so its now brown.

Here's what I used:
Pumpkin - Happy Hauntings
Tim Holtz embossing folder
Stamps? -the only halloween ones I own!
Pumpkin eyes - black pearls

Not your normal Halloween but I think it came together OK

Hope you all had a great weekend



  1. Do you "do" halloween in QLD? We dont over here although i do like the look of the happy hauntings cart, might be going on my ever increasing list.

  2. Love that spooky pumpkin! Thanks for Jitterbuggin!

  3. Great card! I love the monotone look to it and the sewing!

  4. Now I can check out all the blogs and catch up after the GNI as I love to leave comments and this one is so good and I like it better than the usual colours, Its like thinking outside the box.

  5. i like it and i like how you made the pumpkin to. i guess is all layered but what a cool layering it!

  6. I love this card! I like how you chose the soft colors! It turned out awesome!


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