Monday, October 4, 2010

Vintage Halloween

Here is the FIRST Halloween card that I've ever made...................I found this very old image, which I think is so cool (if you are into old stuff like me) and just wanted to make it into a card! Because the Witches are at a Tea Party I still wanted to make it a little pretty by adding a touch of lace. I've used a cuttlebug embossing folder for the spider web with a little glitter.

I've entered this card in a challenge at the "Cuttlebug Challenge Blog" for World Card making day.

I wish Halloween was celebrated more in Australia it looks like so much fun!

Enjoy your week........

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  1. This has turned out beautifully. I love the touch of lace.

  2. OOO Tracey you are so clever, it looks fantastic, hope you win.

  3. your card is doesn't look like your first. It is really great and the old photo of the witches..super. You can send me a copy if you want :)

    About Halloween in Australia...start your own :P Be the first and keep them coming.

  4. Fun! I am so glad you got some inspiration from the Cuttlebug Challenge to try a Halloween card. My haunted house was my first Halloween card as well! :) I love this! way to go!

  5. Tracey,
    I love the card......Great Job.......I have this same picture in a book of small vintage pictures....... I am glad you made a Halloween Card...........

  6. Great job! That image is fantastic and I love the touch of glitter. I haven't made a Halloween card either. I just bought some paper and plan to this year though!

  7. Hey Mum, I love this card! I LOVE how the witches are having a tea party it looks sooo cute!! Great for your first halloween card maybe you should make more!!

    Tori xxxxxxxxx

  8. Great card. I love the vintage look of the picture along with the glittery web. Wonderful job.
    I'm not a huge halloween person, but a lot of people here in the states are. There is a lot of fun and festive stuff happening around it and the costumes are such fun.
    You could start something with your friends, just have a costume party. It would be different and fun.

  9. must think I am an absolute nutcase! I have another Tracey who comments on my blog, who is also an IRL friend...and when I replied to you this morning, I thought I was replying to her!!! As you've probably gathered by now, she's coming to my house tomorrow for a BBQ...LOL. Of course, you are welcome to come to...but Perth may be a bit far away for you :) Sorry for the confusion...I won't just hit "reply" next time! OOPS.
    Love the Halloween card BTW...we celebrate Halloween, our neighbourhood is REALLY into it!


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