Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the season............TO BE JOLLY

"3 Birds on Parade" is my latest has the cutest  images! My first creation with it is this Shaker card........It was so much fun to make, I love how it turned out.

I have some pictures below to show you how I made it.
In the past I have used foam tape but I found the beads, glitter or bling can stick to it in areas. (Maybe I was doing it wrong?)
The base for the shaker was a "used tape roll".........don't throw them out, they are the best. The only thing is  you are limited to that size. I just made my card bigger so it would fit. (My card is 51/2 in square.)

Wouldn't you know it..........All my tape rolls were new, so I asked my husband if he could find me something at work, check out what he bought me home , LOL. I don't think I'll run out for a while! I could go into productiion!!!!!!!!! (I've already had a request from my oldest daughter)

So here I am in his work shed cutting it to size. There was a few rough edges but I sanded them off.

Here it is all painted and ready for my little Christmas bird. Run a fine line of glue around the edge to stick the transparency, then decorate with the frame.

 Measure across the circle, mine was 3 in. Then on my Gypsy I created this frame to fit with "Mini Monograms"

Add what ever you want to shake.........
I glue the bird to this white card which is embossed , then glued it to the circle .

One mistake I made was adding beads that were a little to big, they get stuck and don't shake........I couldn't pull the back off with out tearing it so I left it..........I'll know next time!

I hope this little picture tutorial has helped anyone who hasn't made a Shaker card before.

Have a Great week

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  1. Tracey,
    What a cute card. I have been wanting to make one of these shaker cards along with a snow globe. I have some rolls that Christmas paper came off of. I don't know they may be to small.
    I will see............
    Great Job.... Out of town Mon-Tuesday evening.
    Take care have a great Monday..........

  2. Tracey, that card is phenomenal! Thank you for sharing - I'm going to have to try one of those!!
    Thanks again!
    Deb. xo

  3. I have never made a shaker card and now i know how, thanks for the tutorial.
    Your card looks great.
    (any more news?)

  4. This is such a wonderful card!! That little cross-eyed bird with his string of lights is adorable. Thanks for all the information, too. I have only ever done the foam tape method (well, for the two shaker cards I've made), but would love to give your idea a go!

  5. Love it and yes please I will have some of the roll too. I love the little bird he isnt to cross eyed, maybe he has had to much Christmas Spirit...

  6. Such a cute card thanks for sharing!!!

  7. OH! My goodness this is unbelievably GORGEOUS! I hope to do this sometime. Thanks so much for taking time and giving us this tutorial. Which I will definitely come back and do! You're INSPIRING!!! Thank you!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this card! Makes me want to scrap lift it for sure! Thanks so much for sharing!


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