Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...........

Hello, Happy New Year!

It feels like forever since I've been here.........I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. My husband has been on holidays for a week, we've been enjoying lots of family time and doing the odd improvement around the house. One thing that I'm so excited about is today Paul put a new shower head in our shower and its "BIG"......Hey, I know this is only a small thing, but I was so over this tiny water saving one we had! (The new one still saves water, but it covers me!)

A week before Christmas I enjoyed a wonderful day of craft at a friends place. Walking into Lola's house at Christmas you really feel like you are in "fairy land" so many lights every where...its so pretty.

Here are some pictures of what we made.... Starting with large match boxes  we joined them together to form a cube, covered them in our favoutite papers then embelished them with pretty things.

Here's Lola's creation.......She loves earthy colors!

The flowers were cut from George and the paper is Kaiser.

And here's mine...........which I finished today!

On the top you could add lots of embelishments.......I just added a few.....the rose paper was just to  beautiful to cover up. The paper is "Rose Garden" by Papermania. Its a large 12 x 12 pad that has all the die cuts and letters as well.

I cut the Butterfly from "Martha Stewart"  elegant cake art.

I can't wait to put some little treasure's in my pretty box.

Now, has anyone got some ideas for all these matches???????

Looking forward to a great 2011.......Happy New Year

Tracey xo


  1. I would love to learn how to make such a beautiful treasure box. The paper you used is perfect along with the few details you did add. Good Luck finding a use for those matches. I guess you will be lighting a lot of candles. :)

    Glad to hear you have been enjoying family time. We are back to school/work on Monday.

    Happy New Year,

  2. Happy New Year Tracey & Tori.
    LOVE your treasure box and is that a vintage heart button? Oh boy they sure do look good.
    Welcome back i have missed all of you QLD girls.

  3. Hey where was my invite love the boxes you made

  4. beautiful it --so feminine.

    love your avie do look great!! i have a new avie too with a few extra pounds i managed to put on, lol and everyone is trying to be nice and they say i look great but i know better :)

    you do in fact--for real-- look great!!

    happy 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tracey,
    You need to put the instructions on the blog of how to make these. They are so great and would make great gifts. I sent you an e-mail tonight. Its about my first day of the year.

  6. Gorgeous boxes, and I agree, we gotta see how you made those!

  7. Wow! What gorgeous, gorgeous boxes!! And how fun that you had lovely company while making them! As for the matches - that made me laugh!
    Tracey - I'm so glad you are safe. I'm not sure where you are exactly (Sydney?) but obviously spared from all the flooding. It's unbelievable!
    Happy New Year to you and yours! Love your blog look and new pic too!


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