Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Its been through a war!!

Today I thought I'd show you a layout that I feel has been through a war! Have you ever done one of those?
I wasn't happy with it , so I  tryed to pull paper up which then ripped, so then I had to work out something else to cover the mess.
I'm still not totally happy with it but thought I'd show you anyway.......maybe you can relate!
I  LOVE this photo of concentrate on it and not too much on the layout!

I've used Kaiser Bubble Gum collection for the paper. The large flowers are cut using "Cherry Lime Aid" cartridge.
Hope everyone is having a great week

See you soon



  1. Lovely layout!! It turned out GREAT! TFS!
    Sherrie K

  2. I love the patterns you chose and the colors are so fab!

  3. I can sooo relate to your war zone. I have done that many of time and you have to think fast on how you can fix it and still be happy with it. You did a wonderful job on your makeover and the picture is the focal point.
    Cindy Lou

  4. Wow, this has happened to me too, but your LO sure doesn't look like its been through a war zone - just gorgeous! Your work is so beautiful and I am glad I found you through Momo to be a new follower!!

  5. Definitely had more than one of those LO's!! This looks beautiful Tracey.. love the mix of pp's and gorgeous colours!! :)))

  6. Isn't it strange what we like and do not like? It looks amazing to me Tracy, especially those butterflies and bright colours, the picture is so lovely too!... we (others) just look at your LO with fresh eyes and appreciate your amazing creativity and talent! (without really knowing about all the hard work to get it looking like that!) X

  7. I'm glad you've decided to share with us anyway Tracey! I think its lovely! :)

  8. Can relate to the war zone when designing Tracey. However, you would never know to look at your layout. It turned out fab. Beautiful photo of Tori, and the papers and butterflies display it beautifully.... Hugs xx

  9. I have done my share of war layouts but YOURS looks great!!!! never would no it has been through a war

  10. Oooh yes...I can relate to that! The recovery is good though, and I love the photo!

  11. For me, it's cards that have been through wars. (Notice that cards is plural!!) I would never have guessed that your layout had been ripped apart at some point. It looks fabulous to me!


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